Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summary -- Week 1

My start was bumpier than I hoped. Nevertheless, there is progress that I will show more regularly in the coming weeks.

Yes, sometimes progress shows in the most obscure ways. But after a day of segfaults, this felt gooood. It is supposed to be the title screen, that obviously got corrupted along the way. More bugs and a psychodelic strobe palette later I ended here:

Thanks to criezy and Strangerke the palette bug could be fixed that happened by using uninitialized values. Unfortunately, the palette is still not correct as the color fading code is yet to be implemented and text rendering is missing.
For now let's consider it modern art.

In the coming days I will focus more on implementing game routines so that I can iterate on basic functionalities once the most crude bugs are ironed out. An important decision yet to be made will be how the data structures will look in detail for either parsing the game logic or reimplementing it in the new engine.
Also, a blog post on audio samples in addition to criezy's post on the music will be released shortly.

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