Monday, August 28, 2017

Summary of GSoC 2017

During the last three months I have worked on porting the game Mission Supernova to ScummVM, a project aiming to reimplement engines of point and click adventures for cross-platform support.

For the latest changes, see the commits to my fork.
Besides porting I also worked on the ScummVM launcher and fixed theme related bugs

The following lists features that are implemented:
  • Image and Text rendering
  • Audio playback of sounds and music
  • Animation system
  • GUI
  • Saving and restoring game state
  • Game logic converted to engine reimplementation

Most crucial engine components work but there is still work left to be done:
  • Translate the remaining strings to English
  • Implement dialog system
  • Fixing pesky bugs
  • Make it all work together in harmony

While this may be the end of GSoC 2017, my journey has just begun.
Thanks to everyone involved sharing their knowledge and providing help whenever needed. Also thanks to Google for giving the incentive and exposure to all those incredible projects. The experience of staring at hexdumps, deciphering disassembly and the communal effort has been invaluable to me.
I will keep contributing to the ScummVM project in the future beyond finishing my project (just you wait, Chewy!) and hope that some of you out there will find entertainment in my work.

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