Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Week 8 -- Animation and Controls

Week 8 -- Animation and Controls

  • Rewriting animation handling
  • Avatar (controls and animations)
  • Inventory

Even the simplest thing can turn out to be a big time drain.
I encountered mismatches in the mapping for sprites and their actual position in the files before and assumed that some change from version to version. Apparently, they changed the file layout and compression mid-development and added a lookup table to remap sprite packs and files to how they (presumably) were originally. I’m glad it cost me only a day of manually jumping around in tables and I didn’t end up with more work than necessary.
Seeing the wizard casually paddle out of bounds on his barrel is more than worth it though.

The inventory is almost done (except for using items of course). Either text rendering needs to be refactored so it can be used outside of dialogs or rewrite the inventory so it fits the structure of a dialog. I will update the GIF tomorrow once it's fixed.


  • Update viewport camera to follow wizard
  • Render static objects (chests, torches, …)
  • Collision detection
  • Interaction with objects (pick up items from bodies, chests, …)

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